Welcome to Ecobags Kenya-We design and sell Reusable shopping bags.

Each of our bag is custom designed to ensure we meet the needs of our customers who include shoppers as well as corporate clients who use them for their giveaways/gift bags.

Our aim is to help clean up Kenya by  advocating and influencing the adoption of the green habit of using reusable shopping Ecobags.


To ensure that we can influence people to adopt use of shopping bags that they can reuse everyday as an alternative to the plastic bags that are detrimental to our environment.

The plastic bags packaging used by retailers in Kenya and all over the world causes immense problems such as choking of animals, environmental degradation, blocked sewage and rivers to mention but a few.

We at ECOBAGS Kenya believe that we can all make an impact towards a clean environment by adopting this go green habit of using reusable shopping bags. We also encourage corporate organization to adopt the reusable bags as part of their Marketing giveaways to promote this culture and save the planet.

Our team will help in branding this to enable your brand stands out.

So what are you waiting for?? Join the movement and get a reusable shopping bag for yourself or for your marketing campaigns.





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